Workshop on ‘Awareness Programme on ACT Policies and Procedures’ organized by the Department of Engineering

The Quality Assurance Committee of the Department of Engineering conducted an ‘Awareness Sessions on ACT Policies and Procedures’ programme on 5th and 6th November 2018. The procedures and practices followed for 20 policies were covered over the two days.

The prime focus of this programme was to create a broad awareness among the engineering staff on the various policies and procedures followed in the college.

Dr. C. Ravichandran, Quality Assurance Coordinator of the Department of Engineering, welcomed the staff members and outlined the importance of the programme. Before presenting the policies, they were discussed in groups and 10 policies of ACT were presented on 5th November 2018. The grouping was as follows:




Dr. Rani Fathima Kamal Batcha

·    Management System Policy

·    Computer Services policy 

Mr. Anand Narayanan Nair

·    Student Advisement

·    Student Assessment

Mr. Konjetti Mali Satya Naga Krishna

·    Health and Safety Policy

·    Risk Management Policy 

Dr. Vanitha Mahadevan

·    Plagiarism Policy

·    Graduation Project Policy 

Mr. Sureshkumar Kanthavel

·    Student Attendance Policy

·    Library Services Policy




In continuation, the remaining 10 policies were presented on 6th November 2018. The grouping was as follows:




Mr. Maharaja Kamachi

·    Examination Policy

·    Printing and Photocopying           Policy 

Mr. Angelito M. Carigaba

·    Code of Ethics Policy

·    Records Retention Policy

Dr. Senthamarai Kannan

·    End of Contract Procedures         Policy

·    Students’ Grievance Policy 

Mr. Vishnu Ramasamy

·    Asset Management Policy

·    Organizing College Events           Policy 

Dr. Nasser Bin Hamoud Al Haddabi and Mr. Khadersab

·    College Society Policy

·    Communication Policy


Finally, Mr. Abdul Hamid Hamdan Al Hinai, HoD, gave a vote of thanks and concluded the programme.