Workshop on ‘Basic Difficulties faced by Students during GFP-MATH Exam / Classes

 Author : Mr. Pramendra Kumar, Lecturer, IT Department

The ACT Mathematics section organized a workshop titled ‘Basic Difficulties faced by students during GFP MATH Exam / Classes’ on 12 February 2019 in the CC building.

The main objective of the workshop was to make the students aware of the common mistakes they make in GFP – MATH exams and also to suggest solutions for the general problems they face in class. 

The resource persons Ms. Blessy Jayrone Jose, Ms. Rana Tarannum and Ms. Fatma Jamil Mohammed Al Rawahi (Diploma-Business Studies) put in great effort towards this workshop. Around 110 GFP students and Mathematics faculty members attended the workshop.

Head of Mathematics section Ms. Mini Punnolli welcomed the participants and presenters. Ms. Rana Tarannum began the session with the topic ‘Common mistakes made by GFP Students while answering the Mathematics paper’. In her presentation, she explained the most common mistakes make by the students while solving the problems, with the help of sample snap shots of students answer scripts and with the correct solution. She gave tips to write the answer paper and to avoid such errors. The topic was very interesting and relevant to students and they enjoyed the session attentively.

 The second session was conducted by Ms. Fatma Jamil Mohammed Al Rawahi and Ms. Blessy Jayrone Jose on the topic ‘Basic difficulties faced by students during GFP Math Classes and ways to improve them’. They highlighted the different difficulties faced by students in the class like basic calculation, language comprehension difficulties, hesitance in asking questions and attentiveness in the class. At the same time, they suggested other ways such as MATH HELP CENTER, Remedial classes and the English –Arabic Dictionary, etc. to tackle the problems.



Both the sessions were extremely interactive. There were different activities/ quizzes organized during the sessions. The following students were the winners:

Ghada Fahad Mansoor Al Saidi

Khalid Saud Hamdoon Al-Musalami

Sultan Khalaf Hamed Hilal Al Dhahli

Zahra Salim Abdullah Harith Al Hashami

Hamed Hamood Said Al Khanbashi

Ibrahim Aamir Said Al Mamari

Dr. Najiba Said Hamed Al Zadjali, HOD-IT appreciated the efforts made by the Math Section. She said that such workshops would be helpful to improve the mathematical and problem-solving skills of students at the higher levels. Finally, prizes were given to participants in order to encourage and inspire them.

The GFP-MATH Coordinators, Mr. Madhan Narayan and Mr. Syed Mohammed Shavalliuddin, were very helpful and supportive in organizing and managing the workshop successfully.

Finally, Ms. Mini Punnolli gave a Vote of Thanks to all the participants and organizers. Ms. Fatma Jamil Mohammed Al Rawahi was appreciated for being part of the presentation and sharing her valuable experience during her studies in the Foundation Programme.

Overall, it was a very informative and interesting workshop for students.