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Workshop on “Simulation of Numerical Methods and Cryptography using MATLAB”

The ACT Math Section, in association with the Mathematics Specialization Committee organized a workshop on ‘Simulation of Numerical Methods & Cryptography using MATLAB’ on December 24, 2019.

The workshop was presented by Mr. Pramendra Kumar and Dr. Prabhu Natarajan, Maths Lecturer from Al Musanna College of Technology. The Heads of Section, nominated lecturers from CoTs, members of the Math specialization committee and faculty members from ACT took part in the event. 


First, all the participants assembled in CC106, where Dr. Saad Salman Ahmad, Chair of the Math specialization committee gave a welcome speech. Dr. Ahmad highlighted the importance of the various workshops conducted by the Math specialization committee, in collaboration with CoTs, After the welcome speech, all participants moved to CC109 where the workshop begun.

The workshop was divided into two parts. In the first part, Mr. Pramendra Kumar made a presentation on simulation of numerical methods using MATLAB. He began the workshop with an introduction to the basics of MATLAB and its application in fields such as computer graphics, surface charge and fluid flux, etc.  He also explained the various components of MATLAB.

In continuation to that, he trained the participants in using some of the important commands to build their confidence in using MATLAB. Later he raised the difficulty level by making them write programs through the function file. The visualization of a graph presented of various transcendental and algebraic equations was stunning. The presenters clarified the doubts of each participant by personally visiting their respective computers.

In the next part of workshop Dr. Prabhu Natarajan presented a talk on Cryptography using MATLAB. He started the session by introducing various concepts of Cryptography. After that he started the programming in Matlab as a script file for encryption, inverse congruence and decryption and showed the result after execution of script file.

The entire workshop went on well and at the end, Dr. Saad Salman Ahmad presented a certificate to the presenters Mr. Pramendra Kumar and Dr. Prabhu Natarajan. Ms. Mini Punnoli –  HoS of ACT Math section gave the Vote of Thanks.