Workshop on ‘Simulation of Numerical Methods through MATLAB’


The ACT Math section organized the first session of a series of workshops titled Simulation of Numerical Methods through MATLAB on September 4, 2018. The workshop was presented by Mr. Pramendra Kumar. The intent of the workshop was to share, among faculty members, the basic idea of programming in MATLAB and then to simulate numerical methods.

Ms. Mini Punnolli, the Head of Math Section, welcomed the participants and presenter. She gave a brief introduction about the expediency and necessity of the topic. She also informed everyone that this would be implemented in the Mathematics course for IT from September 2018.  

Mr. Pramendra Kumar began the first session of the workshop series with an  introduction to the concept(s) of script and function files. He explained the concept(s) by taking examples like the sum of an infinite series up to a certain number of terms and the approximation of a function by series. Also, he simulated many numerical methods like error approximation and the bisection method to solve transcendental and algebraic equations through MATLAB.

Overall, it was indeed a very informative and interesting workshop on the simulation of numerical methods using MATLAB. This will be continued in the next session of the workshop series.