Workshop on ‘Student-Centered Learning using Mathematical Models’

The ACT Math Section organized a workshop titled ‘Student Centered Learning Using Mathematical Models’ on September 12, 2018. It was presented by Ms. Rana Tarannum. The intent of the workshop was to highlight the various mathematical models that can make the teaching and learning process more effective.

The workshop was attended by Dr. D. Gnana Rajesh, Head of the Department - IT, Dr. Lenin Fernando, Head of Section, Networking,

Ms. Khoula Al Saidi, Head of Section-IT, Ms. Mini Punnolli, Head of Section – MATH and all other faculty members.

Mr. Pramendra Kumar, Coordinator for Staff Development Programmes started the session by giving a welcome speech and an introduction about necessity of the topic. Later on, the workshop was handed over to the presenter, Ms. Rana Tarannum.

 Ms. Rana Tarannum started her talk with the topic ‘What are the challenges that Foundation students face in Math Class?’. She  demonstrated how different types of mathematical models could be used to make the subject interesting for students. Moreover, Ms. Rana Tarannum also explained with pictures as to how she implements such practices in her classroom to make her teaching effective. 

Thereafter, a survey analysis was produced after she invited Student Feedback in class on ‘the effectiveness of teaching with models’. Towards the end of her presentation, she elicited the views and opinions of the audience and ended the programme with a Q&A Session. In conclusion, Dr. D. Gnana Rajesh, Head of the Department – IT, stressed the need to use mathematical models for effective teaching and encouraged faculty members to use such latest techniques to attract students’ attention in the classroom. 

The workshop engrossed the faculty members with an educationally enriching experience about the usage of models for effective classroom teaching and learning.