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Workshop on ‘Writing a Literature Review’

Author : Mr. Divakara Reddy N

A workshop titled ‘Writing a Literature Review’ was conducted for the Bachelor students pursuing the graduation project (HRM and Accounting) on 28 January 2020.

 The session provided an understanding of the basic function and purpose of a literature review. It outlined the skills related to the various steps involved in conducting and presenting a thorough and systematic review of the literature, identifying and retrieving relevant material and sources as well as analyzing, evaluating and synthesizing ideas to write the literature.

 The workshop presented a completed example for the literature review chapter of the Graduation project.

 The session gave students an idea about the difference between a research problem, a research gap, findings, a literature review and theoretical and conceptual frameworks for the selected study. The workshop was presided by Mr. Divakara Reddy N, Lecturer of the Business Studies Department.