"Whether or not the learner is enjoying the task, the mere act of having fun is an intricate part of both enjoyment and intrinsic motivation"

As educators we wish to have the students gain knowledge and to expand their minds. In doing so we need to force students to learn but not everyone is self motivated. Our Solution, put in some FUN , Good mood and sense of Competition in the classrooms.

Our Students and Alumni has a strong record of awards won in different competition here and abroad.


ACT helps students acquire the knowledge and skills they need for a better life. We develop the youth of Oman through education and extra-curricular activities and shape their future. The Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs works across the college to enhance the quality of undergraduate education.

Student Affairs

Creating learning environments and learning experiences for students has always been at the heart of student affairs work. The office also address the basic personal needs of students by providing a comprehensive student services and programmes that enable and empower students to focus more intensely on their studies and their personal growth and maturation, both cognitively and emotionally.