UTAS-A e-ACT Magazines

  • It’s a great pleasure to introduce the 9th Edition of the UTAS-Al Mussanah e-magazine 2023.

    As you all are aware of the steady pace of progress UTAS-A has made over the preceding
    years to achieve what we are today in terms of development in infrastructure and technological
    advancements, I am proud to declare that today, UTAS-A stands tall as an internationally acclaimed
    institution, striving to continually diversify its areas of excellence.

    This edition of our e-magazine focuses on the great strides made by various departments and
    centers in academics, research, sports, and other extra-curricular activities including immense
    achievements in national and international competitions.

    Over the previous year, our focus has been on the area of UTAS Identity, as evidenced in the contents
    of this magazine. I am confident that this e-magazine will succeed in showcasing the various
    initiatives and accomplishments that we have made over the past period.


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