Faculty & Staff

The commitment of our faculty members, non-academic staff, and administrators towards the continuous quality improvement of our services and resources. It is known that our graduates are highly sought after for employment in the public and private sectors in the region.

Teaching and Learning


Achieving and sustaining a strong reputation in excellent teaching and learning is one of ACT’s missions. The College is dedicated to deliver high quality technical education and aims to produce graduates who have the professional and personal skills to enter employment with confidence, thus contributing effectively to the Sultanate’s ongoing economic development.

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Teaching Method and Portfolio


Lecturers are encouraged to employ various teaching methods and teaching venues are equipped to allow lecturers flexibility in the delivery of material. Teaching methods include lectures, tutorials, practicum, seminars, industrial visits, guest lectures and case studies. Practical application of theory is offered through workshops, laboratories, field visits, in-class practical activities, OJT, and EPT.

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Research and Publications

UTAS-A participates in global economic change and takes actions on ever-changing academic needs. Today’s research dramatically transcends disciplinary boundaries and human endeavor, drives curiosity and energy which result in success and discovery. Our brilliant pool of intellectuals is always motivated to conduct applied research and we always give value to their discovery and findings.

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Facilities and Resources


UTAS-A has a wide range of facilities and resources to support the teaching and learning process.


Communication channels like circulars, notice boards, LCD TVs, suggestions boxes, IP phones and meetings are available which ensure that information is accessible on a timely basis. 

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Human Resources Support


Human Resources Department (HRD) supports the college staff, both from the Ministry and Agency, by providing general human resources services such as leave of absence, issuance of certificates, attendance, clearance, transfers, etc. The HRD is located in the 2nd floor of Administration building, with extension no: 309. For HR transactions, the forms can be downloaded in the college portal under Human Resources.

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