Admission and Registration 


Student Registration is taken care of by the Admission and Registration Department, assisted by the academic advisors under the overall supervision of the College Registrar. The registration process is completed as per the academic schedule approved by the Ministry of Manpower for all Colleges of Technology.

Being the Head of the Admission and Registration department gives me and my team the opportunity to face big challenges on a routine basis. With dynamic staff supporting us, we are here to give our best to all the departments in our college.  Together we strive to cater to the needs of our students so that they successfully choose and register for courses according to their requirements. With the able support of all departments and administration, we are sure that we can deliver the best holistic support and guidance to all our students, staff and parents.


Head of Department - Admission and Registration

Student Admission

Every academic year, UTAS will decide the number of students to be admitted to the university. They also decide the minimum marks that qualify a student for acceptance, which may vary from one year to the other in the light of the available resources, the quality of education, competition between students and the labor market’s needs.

The Technical Committee allocates the intake to the college based on the number of students and their home regions. Students are entered in the central registration system and UTAS-A receives a list of students who have been assigned to the college and are admitted to the English Language Center.


Admission to General Foundation 

The admission of an incoming student to the General Foundation Program is based on the entry standards stated in the University Bylaws. Student Admission is done centrally by the Higher Education Commission Admission Center (HEAC). All Omani high school graduates who satisfy the criteria are eligible for admission.


A student has to spend a year in the General Foundation Program, where he/she will study the English language, Mathematics and Information Technology, for the purpose of providing students with the basic knowledge and skills required in the specialization program in three academic departments: Business Studies, Engineering, and Information Technology.


College Bylaws, Article 29. 8.1.3 Students are admitted into the Foundation Program according to the College Bylaws, Articles 29 and 30. At this stage a personal file is opened for each student. The student is also issued a college ID card and user account. Students who are eligible to be admitted directly to Diploma 1 level are advised of the range of academic programs available to them (Bylaws, Article 31). Once a student has reached an informed decision about the program of study he or she wishes to pursue, the student is registered according to standard procedures



Student Induction

The induction week is held at the beginning of each semester for students entering the General Foundation and Specialization Programs. The activity is given by Student Affairs to introduce students to the various programs and services, facilities and resources available on campus. Students also are introduced to the content and importance of the Student Handbook, college rules and regulations, student services, and their rights and responsibilities. The induction program is conducted both in Arabic and English. Student intake is divided into two batches for admission to the General Foundation Program – September and January of each academic year in the English Language Centre.


Placement Qualification Levels

Upon admission, students must undergo a placement test in the English Language Center to determine their level in the General Foundation Program. Below are the placement criteria:

Placement Test Score Foundation Level in which a student is placed:
0 – 34 Level 1
35 - 55 Level 2
56 - 69 Level 3
70 - 77 Level 4
78 - 100 High-flyers

The General Foundation year comprises four semesters. In case the student fails in any of the semesters, he/she has the opportunity of repeating only one semester.


a. The student moves from the foundation program to the specialization program.

b. The student moves from the Diploma to the Advanced Diploma and the Bachelor's Degree.

c. A student is suspended from the college in the case of failing twice in the English language foundation program or thrice in Mathematics and Information Technology.


d. A suspended student who failed in the foundation program at a college of technology, will be readmitted within a maximum of one year from the start of their suspension provided he/she passes the level 4 exit exam and both Mathematics and Information Technology on the first attempt.


Transfer Student 

Students transferring from another College or university will be dealt with according to CB, Article 32. These students may be accepted to the UTAS if the CC agrees that their level of study corresponds to the CoT’s level of study, minimum grade requirement of the course is acquired and a maximum of 50% of the courses that may be approved in the colleges’ four-level program.


Entry Standards 

Article 30 emphasizes the entry requirements to the General Foundation Program: Being an Omani national.
Not exceeding 25 years of age at the time of enrollment. A decision issued by the Minister may exempt the student from the conditions of nationality and age, bearing in mind the available resources.

Submitting an admission form signed by you and your guardian, confirming that you are acquainted with and have obtained a copy of the conditions of admission and the educational system, with the following documents attached:

Attested Secondary School Certificate and transcript of the applicant’s grades or an equivalent certificate with a transcript of grades, and the training courses attended, if issued outside the Sultanate. An outstanding graduate from a vocational training center should provide a diploma certificate relevant to the field of study in compliance with the conditions and criteria that UTAS specifies in this respect.

  • A certificate of good conduct.
  • Evidence of Omani nationality.
  • A birth certificate or an age estimation certificate, in the case of the absence of the former.
  • 4 passport size photographs.
  • A medical fitness certificate.

Must pass any oral and written tests he/she might be subjected to. UTAS may charge the applicant any fees or deposits deemed necessary, after obtaining the competent authority’s approval.

The above conditions will be applicable to enrollment in any of the years/levels of college study, in addition to the conditions pertaining to each year/level of study, as stipulated in these bylaws.

Your right to admission will expire one week after the date of the announcement of results, if you fail to provide the university with an acceptable reason for tardiness. You will not be entitled to claim the restoration of that right after the elapse of one week. However, your name might be included on the waiting list for any prospective vacancies.

Student Registration

The Minister will determine the number of students to be admitted annually in the parallel programs, the entry requirements, and the tuition fees, if any, after obtaining the approval of the competent authority.

Student Registration is taken care of by the Admission and Registration Department, assisted by the academic advisors under the overall supervision of the College Registrar. The registration process is completed as per the academic schedule approved by UTAS. The registrar prepares course timetables and coordinates with department registrars. A student database containing enrollment, withdrawals, dismissals, postponements, graduates and transfer to other university is maintained with the utmost security and confidentiality.

The student is personally responsible for registration, under the supervision of the assigned academic advisor. Registration by a student representative will not be accepted under any circumstances. Students who fail to register within the deadline for reasons accepted by the Dean may register within one week from the set date of commencement of classes. Once accepted and admitted, a file will be created for the student, containing the evidence of acceptance, data, information and documents. The contents of the file will be confidential. The university is authorized to provide the student or his/her guardian with any information pertaining to the student.

UTAS has provided an Online Registration System (Information Management System) wherein advisors as well as students can register and print a copy of the timetable immediately after the completion of the registration process.



The Central Information Management System (CIMS), is the central data depository system of the University of Technology and Applied Sciences (UTAS). The system hold the vital information of all students pertaining to their credentials and personal information, the CIMS are used by the UTAS – Al Mussanah Staff and Students and it is common to all campuses under the UTAS.