Brief History


Al Musanna College of Technology (ACT), now named University of Technology and Applied Sciences (UTAS-A) is located in Al Bathina South governorate. In August 2020, the seven colleges of Technology including ACT which are under the Ministry of Manpower and Colleges of Applied Sciences which are under the Ministry of Higher of Education are transferred to the University of Technology and Applied Sciences. (Ref by: Royal Decree 76/2020 – Establishing the University of Technology and Applied Sciences).



Faculty and Staff

Our faculty members are dedicated to providing our students with knowledge and skills to make a difference in their chosen endeavor.
In the academic year 2020 - 2021, UTAS-A has 454 (teaching, technical support and administration (as of September 2020).

Current Students: 4661 (as of September 2020)
Graduates: 6,121
Awards: ACT students receives multiple awards locally and internationally
UTAS-A believes that re-connection and reunion with our former students is essential for the growth of the college and that the continuous support of the college to the alumni is an important part of their success.
Student Council
UTAS-A encourages students to participate in building the core objectives of the college. Student Council is established to create multiple options and rights that they see fair and justified
Student Life
There is more to college life than just mere lectures and tutorials. Students are given the chance to become part of the many activities available on campus. They can form groups according to their common interests and passions. See the current active student's organization here.