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Academic Affairs  is responsible for organizing strategic planning, allocating resources, administering policies and promoting high standards of achievement in UTAS-A. 

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Business Studies

Our curricula integrate innovative methods and enriching learning activities. Our faculty members set the highest standards of nurturing our students’ leadership potentials in the global economy.


We have established an environment in which our faculty, staff, and students can engage in interdisciplinary thrust areas. Our graduates can excel to hold the best promise as future technologists and engineers!

Information Technology

Our graduates can excel in their profession with a high degree of integrity and ethical standards, capable of responding to the changing needs of IT industry and the society.

The Academic Affairs Office

UTAS - Al Musannah helps students acquire the knowledge and skills they need for a better life. We develop the youth of Oman through education and extra-curricular activities and shape their future. The Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs works across the college to enhance the quality of undergraduate education.

Part of the college mission is to provide students with opportunities to develop intellectually, ethically, socially, culturally, and personally. In relation with other departments, Academic Affairs ensures that the academic programs and learning environment support the college mission.

Our faculty members are dedicated to providing our students with knowledge and skills to make a difference in their chosen endeavor. Likewise, they always have time to attend to our students' needs.

One of the strategic missions of this Office is to develop the quality of teaching and learning in our undergraduate programs in the fields of Engineering, Information Technology and Business Studies. > Read more


Dr. Halah Ahmed Salim Alkathiri

Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs