The library environment is maintained in such a way that is conducive to learning. The Library Services Section supervises college learning resources such as books, periodicals, subscriptions and other reference learning materials. Rules and regulations for borrowing and returning books and CDs are followed by the library to maximize the utilization of existing resources in a reliable manner.
The college library occupies a floor area of 3,528 sq. ft. equipped with computer and wifi facilities for students and staff to do research online. Current editions and publications are also available in the College Library. Located on the first floor of the ETC building, the College Library holds more than a hundred volumes of books, newspapers, magazines, and courseware. For library resources, see appendix 13.1

UTAS-A maximizes the use of technology to cater to the growing needs of students for research materials aside from the books available in the library. In AY 2018-2019, MoM subscribed to ProQuest online resources, a repository of eBooks, journals, articles and other reading materials. In 2020, the college subscribed to OMREN for eBooks, journals, articles and other reading materials. The college procures books and CDs based on the needs and requirements of staff and students each semester. A considerable number of books/CDs are added each year for the benefit of all staff and students. Stock inventory is done every year for the verification of resources and its usage.

To easily handle and manage the library's daily transactions, ETC developed the Library Information System (LIS). LIS, an electronic library service of the college, is also in place for students and staff to have ease of access to library resources and information on and off-campus. The system also includes monitoring of book loans, reservations and reminders for overdue resources.


      Ms. Halima Sulaiman Al Balushi

      Head of Section - Library Services Section (LSS)

Library Services


The Library Services Section (LSS) of Education Technology Center (ETC) maintains and manages the College Library. LSS provides services for the procurement and maintenance of all information and learning resources in the library.

The library is equipped with technical books that consist of thousands of titles in Engineering, Information Technology, Business Studies and Science and Mathematics. It also has an interesting collection of encyclopedias, general books, Arabic collection, newspapers, and magazines, for book lovers to enjoy reading.

The College Library uses Library Information System (LIS) in providing users the facility for searching, reserving and borrowing library resources such as books and CD/DVD’s that are available in the library.

In addition to library resources, the college also provides ProQuest, an online resource provided by the Ministry of Manpower (MoM) which can be accessed on the college website under the e-Services Section.

Desktop computers and laptops with internet connection are also available in the college library. Students can use these for research and/or doing their assignments.


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