Entrepreneurship and Innovation Department

EID helps new and startup companies to develop by providing services such as management training or office space.


To become a leading partner of the business sectors by transforming students’ innovative ideas into projects or models and fostering a culture of innovative entrepreneurship within the college and community, contributing to Oman’s national development.



To create a generation of students who can develop their innovation and entrepreneurial capabilities by providing guidance and support in developing business plans for projects.


EID Goals

To establish a cooperative relationship between the College and business sectors
with the aim of providing guidance, support and entrepreneurship experience for the students in a real business environment.

To assist the students in the preparation of their business plans and assist interested students in starting their own business ventures by applying the entrepreneurship concept learned in the classroom to real life business environment.



EID Duties / Responsibilities

  1. Spread awareness of the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship among students and lecturers.
  2. Embracing the students' innovative and creative ideas, and working to encourage them to transform these ideas into innovative products.
  3. Developing students' skills in all fields related to innovation and entrepreneurship by providing the necessary training courses.
  4. Encouraging students to participate in national, regional and international competitions dealing with innovation and entrepreneurship.
  5. Communicating with the competent authorities to obtain intellectual property rights for innovative projects from students.
  6. Work to conclude cooperative programs with various institutions active in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation.
  7. Performing any other tasks assigned to the relevant section.


EID Membership

  • UTAS-A students.
  • UTAS-A Alumni Entrepreneurs.
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation club.
  • Staff and industry.