Department of IT Conducts SDP Session on “Fighting Cancer with Mathematics and Viruses”

Feb 2021

The Department of Information Technology(IT), University of Technology and Applied Sciences –Al Musannah organized a Staff Development Programme (SDP) session about “Fighting Cancer with Mathematics and Viruses” on 16th February 2021 from 12:15 PM to 01:15 PM through MS Teams. The talk was delivered by Dr. Mohammed Gassali Fajlul Kareem, a lecturer from the Mathematics Section, Department of IT. The presentation was attended by staff from IT, Engineering, and Business Departments.

The talk was about fighting cancer presented within a mathematical perspective. In his talk, Dr. Mohammed emphasized the importance of multidisciplinary research (Math + Biology + Engineering). He explained how Mathematics is connected with the medical field and the important role of mathematical modelling in curing cancer. He started with the history of cancer evaluation from the basic to current situation.  He then highlighted the several Cancer Mathematical Models with some examples of Probabilistic, Stochastic, and other models. He also gave a brief outline about the involvement of Mathematics in cancer biology. Moreover, Dr. Mohammed briefly explained the different cancer curing methods in the medical field. He also highlighted the complexity of Cancer Mathematical Modelling and how it is reflected in the treatments.  Towards the end of his presentation, Dr. Mohammed further shared about the travel path of Mathematics from Math Biology to Cancer Biology, which eventually led to Oncology. Finally, the speaker provided the road map of research in this field and mentioned relevant refereed latest research articles.

Mr. Pramendra Kumar, the SDP Coordinator ended the session with a vote of thanks.