Presentation on Interview Preparation and a Mock Interview Session for the On-the-Job Training Students

28 June 2022

The Business Studies Department in association with the On-the-Job Training Program conducted an online presentation on “Interview Preparation and a Mock Interview Session” for students. The Interview Preparation was conducted by Mr. Mohamed Al-Sukaiti, the HRM Lecturer, Business Studies Department on June 28, 2022. This presentation gave an opportunity to the On-the-Job Training students to understand the various processes in an interview and how to be confident while attending an interview. This presentation proved a valuable opportunity for the students to understand the necessary steps they should take while preparing themselves for the real interview. All the relevant facts about the interview process were discussed in detail.


The presentation was divided into various stages. Firstly, the definition of the interview was discussed. Secondly, Tips for Job Interview were discussed which included Tips Before, During, and After interview. Thirdly, the most commonly asked questions in the interview were discussed.

Fourthly, the Preparation of the reference list was discussed. Fifthly, the points were discussed such as the importance of making a good first impression through emphasizing knowledge, skills, experiences, personal attributes related to the job.


Finally, the mock interviews were conducted by Ms. Viji. C, Lecturer, HRM Section for the On-the-Job training students. The students were very enthusiastic while attending the mock interviews. They not only answered all the questions asked by the interviewer, but also clarified their doubts after they finished the mock interview. Ms. Viji gave positive feedback to all the interviewees in the mock interviews regarding the best approach to answer the interview ques. As the students need to face real interviews in the future, especially as they are in the On-the-Job Training period, these sessions proved very useful to help them build confidence and to secure a job easily to compete for the current challenges in the job market.