IT Lecturer Talks About Unleashing the Power of AI

23 May 2023

The Human Resource Development Committee (HRDC) of the IT Department organized a webinar titled "Unleashing the Power of AI: Different AI Tools to Revolutionize Creativity” on 23rd May 2023 for IT staff. Ms. Rana Tarannum Ansari, a lecturer from the Math Section, delivered the topic.


In her presentation, Ms. Ansari shared about a comprehensive course called "Unleashing the Power of AI: A Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your Own Intelligent System,” which allows participants to learn the fundamentals of artificial intelligence (AI) and its applications. She also highlighted the knowledge and skills required to build intelligent systems using cutting-edge AI techniques such as machine learning, deep learning, and reinforcement learning. The speaker then discussed AI skills for beginners and experts and explained the various roles of AI in the field of education. Ms. Ansari also talked about intelligent content generation, data-driven insights, and accessibility and inclusion for the students. Finally, she explained idea generation with AI Tools, ChatGPT, and AI tools for graphics/websites.

The programme ended with a vote of thanks from Dr. Bazeer Ahamed, HRDC Coordinator of the IT Department.