Product vs Process Writing-Workshop for School Teachers

23 May 2023

The English Language Center of UTAS-A recently organized a practical workshop, as part of its community outreach program, aimed at striking a balance between the product approach and process approach to writing. The workshop specifically targeted high school teachers from the nearby community. It was conducted in two sessions, once on May 16 and another on May 23, at the University of Technology and Applied Sciences.


The primary objective of the workshop was to equip the teachers with valuable insights and strategies for effectively teaching writing to their students. The focus was on finding a balance between emphasizing the language used in student outputs and understanding the importance of the writing as a whole. By targeting high school teachers, the workshop aimed to address the specific needs and challenges faced by educators in teaching writing to their students. It sought to provide practical strategies and resources that the teachers could readily implement in their classrooms.

Throughout the workshop, participants engaged in hands-on activities and practical exercises, enabling them to explore various techniques and methodologies related to teaching writing. The facilitator, Mr. Mohsen Ghorbanpoor, provided practical examples and shared valuable insights on how to integrate both the product and process approaches effectively in the classroom.


The workshop duration was two hours, providing a condensed yet focused learning experience for the participants. The sessions encouraged active participation, allowing teachers to ask questions, seek clarification, and interact with both the facilitators and fellow attendees.


Overall, the workshop was designed to empower and support high school teachers in their writing instruction endeavors. Through a combination of theoretical knowledge, practical examples, and interactive sessions, the workshop aimed to equip the participants with the necessary tools and approaches to enhance their teaching of writing skills.