Data Management Using SharePoint Online Discussed at a PSC Workshop

07 Nov 2023

On the 7th of November 2023, a practical workshop on the topic of "Data Management Using SharePoint Online" was delivered at the Preparatory Studies Center (PSC) at UTAS-A, specifically tailored for the head of sections and coordinators. The primary objective of this workshop was to enhance PSC coordinators’ skills in using Microsoft SharePoint as an efficient data management tool as it allows users across the organization to work together on various projects in real-time, no matter where they are. The workshop was delivered by Mr. Rommel Fuentes from ETC and Mr. Othman Al Balushi from PSC.


In this workshop, some basic concepts about SharePoint Online, a Microsoft 365 tool that provides cloud storage, were explained. However, SharePoint is more than just a storage platform, so during the workshop, Mr. Rommel and Mr. Othman highlighted some of the other functions of SharePoint.


The first topic covered in the workshop was how to navigate SharePoint. This included an overview of the SharePoint interface, how to access different features and functions, and how to customize the dashboard to suit individual preferences. The second topic focused on file management and sharing. The workshop covered how to manage and share files on SharePoint, how to categorize files to ensure seamless collaboration, and how to share and give access to shared folders. Participants also learned how to create folders and give sharing access to others.

Finally, the workshop covered some of the more advanced file management features of SharePoint. This included how to copy, move, and upload files, how to use version control to track changes and revisions, and how to revert to default text and layout.