E&E Holds Antenna Toolbox for MATLAB Workshop

20 Dec 2022

As part of its staff development program, the Electrical & Electronics (E&E) Section of the Engineering Department held a workshop on 20 December 2022 at 12:10 noon. The resource person for this workshop was Ms. Sindhu S. Nair, a lecturer from the E&E Section.


Highlights of the Workshop

This workshop highlighted the Antenna Toolbox for MATLAB's most recent update. The toolkit makes use of fresh theoretical discoveries regarding distinctive mode. In this presentation, the resource person explained the various types and characteristics of antenna.

In this workshop, the following MATLAB programming required to design antennas were presented:

  • Dipole array in free space
  • Rectangular Microstrip antenna
  • Spiral Antenna
  • Helical Antenna etc.……

During the presentation, it was shared that for the design, analysis, and visualization of antenna elements and arrays, the antenna toolbox offers features and applications.


After completing the workshop, the participants were able to create arrays of antenna and construct standalone antennas utilizing parametrized predefined elements, arbitrary planar structures, and creative 3D structures. This talk offered sufficient information on how to enhance antenna designs utilizing manual and toolbox-supplied optimization approaches. In both 2D and 3D, the analysis and results were displayed. At the end of the presentation, Ms. Nair summarized the covered topics including the introduction to the antenna toolbox using MATLAB, the designing of various types of antennas with MATLAB, and various calculations which were involved in the designing of the antenna.