IT Staff Delivers a Workshop on Collaboration and Success

28 Dec 2023

In collaboration with the Mathematics Department, the Human Resource Development Committee (HRDC) of the IT Department conducted a professional development session on “Unleashing the Power of Teamwork: A Workshop on Collaboration and Success” on December 28, 2023. Ms. Fatma Ahmed Mohammed Al Ajmi of the Mathematics Section of the IT Department led the session.


Blessy Jayaron Jose, Staff Development Coordinator, started this workshop by welcoming all, including IT HoD, Mr. Khalifa Zayid Suwaied Saaed Albakri, HoS, Mr. Mohammed Khalfan, HoU, Dr Asim Thabit Talib Al Mamari. The main objective of this workshop was to give a clear understanding of the importance of teamwork for collaboration and success in life. Ms. Fatma highlighted the five pillars of teamwork with various hands-on activities and videos. She focused on trust, understanding, and collaboration in teamwork, which are required to succeed in life.  


After the workshop, certificates were distributed to the following participants of the Staff Development Program for this semester by IT HoD, Mr. Khalifa Zayid Suwaied Saaed Albakri and HoU, Dr Asim Thabit Talib Al Mamari:

1) Mr. Madhan Narayanan

2) Dr. Devarajan 

3) Ms. Fathima Ahmed Mohammed Al Ajmi 


The workshop ended with the awarding of a token of appreciation to Ms. Fatma by the IT HoD Mathematics HoU- Mathematics Unit as it was her last semester in the university.