IT Staff Navigate Conflicts of Research Interest

26 Dec 2023

The Human Resource Development Committee (HRDC) of the IT Department, specifically the Mathematics Section, conducted a staff development session titled "Navigating Conflicts of Research Interest: Open The Box"—An Introductory Workshop" on December 26, 2023. Dr. Dheva Rajan, from the Mathematics Section of the IT Department, led the session.


The workshop started with a cordial welcome by Ms. Blessy Jayaron Jose, the Staff Development Coordinator. The primary goal of this workshop was to equip the participants with the necessary skills for initiating research and provide them with guidance on crafting a research paper. Dr. Dheva Rajan explicitly explained the different stages of writing a paper, focusing more on framing the literature review, findings, results, conclusions, and finally, the abstract. Despite covering the introductory segment, Dr. Dheva Rajan suggested that HRDC organize a series of workshops in the upcoming semester for a deeper discussion on the intricacies of the research process.