IT Staff Present Papers on Digital and Renewable Integration Challenges at the 2nd International Conference on Strategies

February 21, 2024

Dr. Dheva Rajan S and Mr. Syed Muhammed Shavalliuddin, lecturers from the Mathematics Section of the IT Department, presented at the 2nd International Conference on Strategies for Empowering Oman as a Competitive Economy organized by the Arab Open University (AOU) in Oman on February 21, 2024. The conference aimed to share knowledge and best practices for empowering Oman`s economy and aligning with the Oman Vision 2040 through sessions focused on digital acceleration, innovation, and sustainable development. Dr. Dheva Rajan S authored and presented a paper on "Digital Reshaping EdTech Symphony in Navigating Technological Challenges in Oman Academia”, co-authored by Dr. Jayaprakash MC and Mr. Said Ali Said Alharrasi. The paper and presentation provided insights into leveraging education technology to empower Oman`s effectiveness while addressing the status of AI in Oman, allied challenges, opportunities, and recommendations. Mr. Syed Muhammed Shavalliuddin authored and presented a paper on "Elevating Oman`s Energy Landscape: A Comprehensive Analysis of Renewable Integration Challenges and Solutions”, co-authored by Ms. Hasna Mohammed Rashid Alsalmi, Manahil Nasser Alofi, and Dheva Rajan S. This study and presentation offered an in-depth analysis of renewable energy adoption in Oman and recommendations to elevate Oman as a leader in sustainable energy.

The participants gained exposure and contributed to contemporary research and development thoughts and concepts necessary in making Oman future-ready. The event also provided the participants with the opportunity to network and interact with global experts and researchers and share their work aligned with empowering Oman`s economy while learning best practices to apply in their respective specializations that ultimately contribute to achieving the nation`s vision for a vibrant, diversified, and sustainable competitive future.