PSC Lecturers Discuss Integrating Technology in ELT

07 Sep 2023

The Preparatory Studies Centre (PSC), UTAS-A hosted a presentation titled "Use of Technology in English Language Teaching (ELT)” on Thursday, September 07, 2023. The session, which commenced at 10:15 AM, aimed at providing valuable insights to the practising English language teachers about the need for integrating technological tools and applications into their classroom practice. The session was presented by a group of English lecturers: Ms. Fatma Salim Al-Ghafri, Mr. Vinod Kumar, Dr. Binu Mathew, Dr. Zafar Iqbal Khattak, Ms. Fatma Khalifa Al-Ghafri and Ms. Salwa Abdullah Al-Hadidi.


Ms. Fatma Salim Al-Ghafri started the session with an engaging activity by asking the audience to scan a QR code and respond to a set of questions regarding their knowledge and experience about the use of technology in ELT.  Dr. Zafar emphasized the need for using technology, both hardware and software-based, in ELT by giving detailed background information. Finally, Mr. Vinod Kumar took over and gave insights about the usefulness of different cutting-edge technological tools and applications through practical examples. Dr. Binu Mathew, Ms. Fatma Khalifa Al-Ghafri, and Ms. Salwa Abdullah Al-Hadidi also played their respective roles in making the session a successful one.