21 Dec 2021

The Mathematics section of the Department of Information Technology (IT) organized a student activity titled “Overcoming the Challenges faced during MATHS EXAMS” on Tuesday, December 21, 2021 at 12 pm through MS TEAMS.  The IT department with the collaboration of the Student Activity members invited students from General Foundation Program to participate in this workshop. The workshop aimed at creating awareness amongst students regarding general guidelines during paper-based exam, and it also focused on informing them about the necessary steps to solve questions from Basic /Pure / Applied Maths. The program was co-compered by Ms. Azza Abdallah Ali Zayid Al-Jahwari and Hafsa Issa Abdullah Al-Shamsi.


This online activity started with the recitation from “THE HOLY QURAN” followed by a welcome speech delivered by Ms. Mini Punnolli. Ms. Mini Punolli addressed the participants with a warm welcome followed by a small presentation on “TIPS FOR FINAL EXAM “. She emphasized on the importance of staying calm and doing revision of topics while preparing for the exam.


The next presentation titled “Step by Step Approach to face Basic Maths” was given by Dr. S. Vardharajan. He persuasively explained, by showing a video, a few important steps to prepare for the exams. He also informed the students about the rules and regulations that are to be followed in the Exam Hall during and after the exams. He later focused on the common mistakes made by the students in BASIC MATHS during the Midterm exam, and he also briefed them about certain ways to rectify them. Dr. Vardharajan later explained the marks allotment for different questions from Basic Maths.


The workshop also included a talk given by Ms. Blessy Jayaron Jose on “Step by Step Approach to face Pure/Applied Maths”. She stated her objectives clearly emphasizing on the common mistakes that students generally commit while solving a question with the help of some sample answer sheets. She also explained how to correct them. Ms. Blessy addressed a few questions raised by the students during her session.

The next session included a presentation made by Ms. Rana Tarrannum. She presented useful guidelines for preparation for the Final Exam, guidelines to be followed during and after the exam, weightage of marks awarded to different topics for BASIC/PURE/APPLIED MATHS and she made students aware about their responsibilities towards studies.

The activity concluded with a vote of thanks by Ms. Azza and Ms. Hafsa.