SQU Researcher Enlightens Engineering Students on Solar Energy

19 March 2024

The Student Academic Activities Committee and Engineering Society jointly organized a seminar on the topic "Design of Photovoltaic System in Home” on March 19th, 2024. Dr. Sulaiman Salim Al-Hashmi, a distinguished researcher from SQU, delivered an enlightening presentation to students of the Engineering Department. Currently affiliated with Sultan Qaboos University as a researcher at the Center for Environmental Studies and Research, Dr. Al-Hashmi emphasized cost considerations alongside load and size calculations. He elucidated PV cell terminologies and shared his consulting experience, fostering interactive discussions. The session concluded with a showcase of solar energy innovations, inspiring attendees. Towards the end of the session, Mr. Abdulrahman Alhammadi, Head of Mechanical Engineering, presented Dr. Al-Hashmi with a token of appreciation for his invaluable insights.