Electronic Systems and Student Services

Creating effective learning environments and learning experiences for students has always been at the heart of Student Affairs work. The office also addresses the basic personal needs of students by providing comprehensive student services and programs that enable and empower students to focus more intensely on their studies as well as their personal growth and maturation.

At the outset, let me extend my sincere greetings to all students and colleagues in UTAS-A. The journey with you has been splendid in its own way and let me put in place my gratitude to each and every one of you. Your continued support and cooperation will remain as mandatory requirements for our onward journey too.

I would like to place on record the unstinting help and support from our College Dean and Assistant Deans, together with that of the various heads of departments and centers.


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Dr. Monia Mohammed Al Farsi

Deputy of the Assistance Vice Chancellor for Electronic Systems and Student Services

Office of the Student Affairs

In addition to the Dean's Office, the Student Affairs Office encompasses the following areas:  On-the-Job Training, Counseling and Graduates Follow-up, Housing, Student Activities, and Graduation.

The college is more than just classroom lectures, home works, and examinations. Your education is a total learning experience so we provide you an opportunity to develop your leadership and community skills, build lifelong friendships, enhance your personal and professional skills, and prepare you for a fulfilling and successful life ahead.

To assist you in achieving your goals, Student Affairs have clearly defined its purpose and direction. The personnel of Student Affairs is available to assist you through the entire academic process. A variety of academic and non-academic services are available to you to Compliment and support your academic activity.



The Student Affairs mission is to provide programs and services that support and enhance the College academic mission. We create and maintain programs, activities, and services for your personal and social development and to foster a supportive academic environment. We endeavor to support your realization of your academic outcome.



We believe that the effort of the Student Affairs is an integral part of your educational experience and development as a member of a community. These efforts are based on the following philosophical assumptions:

  • There is a deep and abiding faith in the worth and dignity of the individual as the most important component of society, and therefore, of the College.
  • Students are growing individuals capable of moving toward self-fulfillment and responsible social development. Their potential for both has only been partially realized.
  • Students are free to choose their own direction and have responsibility for those choices


Reasons for Studying at UTAS-A

 1. Students can choose from a wide range of courses to build competency and a significant amount of skills. Our curricula are carefully developed and are regularly updated to keep up with the current requirements of the industry and market.

On-the-Job trainings expose the students to the current trends in your chosen fields and immerse them in real challenges at work.

2. We strive to provide top quality in teaching and learning. Quality Assurance Office helps UTAS-A live up to its mission and vision, and with it, the entire staff is committed to practice teaching methods that help the students gain maximum knowledge and skills from the classes.

3. Clubs and organizations, sports activities, and cultural events among others are productive diversions while studying at UTAS-A. Awards and recognitions are given to students who excel academically and who otherwise inspire other students through their projects, college activities, and hard work.

4. Machines and equipment are available for students to enhance their learning. At UTAS-A, students have the necessary resources and facilities to help them to acquire the skills in the specialization. These resources include the Auditorium, the College Library, Student Access Center, and upgraded laboratories.

5. Located in Muladdah, 116km north of Muscat, UTAS-A is accessible. Buses and taxis are available to take you to the college.