Students’ Technical Paper Presentation

in Advanced Engineering and Technology

The Engineering Department Research Committee of UTAS-Al Mussanah in collaboration with the IEEE student Branch of UTAS-Al Musannah is planning to organize a one-day National-Level Technical Paper Presentation competition on 7th May 2024.


Overview & Objectives



Towards empowering the students of UTASA with professional skills to reach out the market, the Department of Engineering under the able guidance of the Assistant Vice Chancellor (AVC), the Deputy Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (DAVCAA) and the Deputy Assistant Vice Chancellor for ESystems and Student Services (DAVCES) seeded the idea of starting the IEEE Students Branch (IEEE-SB - STB20135), which was inaugurated on the 16th of May 2016 by Dr.Ahmed Al Namani, IEEE - Vice Chairman , Oman section. Since the inception, the IEEE – SB of UTASA has been vibrant and proved the most active in the Oman section. The GCC Students and Young Professionals Congress (SYP Congress) is an event that will take place every two years in GCC Region. During the Congress, a wide variety of workshops, competitions and activities were organized, dealing with interesting topics in diverse technical fields and also related to soft skills. Various competitions were conducted during the SYP congress mainly focusing on technical feasibility, efficiency and innovation of the proposed solutions as well as testing the creativity of the participants from various GCC Countries.




Student’s Technical Paper Presentation in Advanced Engineering and Technology, 2024 (TAET2024) to be conducted by UTAS-A, is an Online event (Zoom Meeting), intended to bring together the Students of UTAS branches and other Technical Universities, across the Sultanate of Oman to a single platform to share the knowledge and ideas in their field of study. This would enable collaborative research in Engineering and Technology and would contribute to societal growth and nation development.


Paper Presentation Themes and Topics, but are not limited to:


  1. Emerging areas in Engineering Disciplines such as Mechanical, Electrical/Electronics/Computer Science / Information Technology and Civil Engineering that contribute to Sustainable Growth and development
  2. Construction, Surveying, Architecture and Structural Design
  3. Renewable Energy and Green Technology
  4. Digital Innovation and Technology
  5. Space Science and Technology

Submission Guidelines

  • Abstract submission to TAET2024 should be based on Original Research / Project Work of Students.
  • All submitted works would be checked for Plagiarism and selection of abstracts for the presentation would be based on Novelty of the work and its impact on the society.
  • Abstracts should be in the prescribed TAET2024 format with a minimum of 300 words and a Maximum of 500 words. The Abstract should reflect a brief idea about the work like methodology, tools and the results obtained.
  • Shortlisted abstracts would be invited for an Online Presentation in the prescribed PPT format.
  • Maximum 3 authors per paper
  • Mode of Presentation: Virtual Mode (Online) – Zoom Meeting
  • Best Paper would be awarded with Prizes and Merit Certificates.

Submission Timeframe

18th April 2024

Final Call for Paper Abstracts.

21st April 2024

Acceptance notification.

28th April 2024

Final Call for PowerPoint Presentations (PPT) File.

7th May 2024

TAET2024 Online Presentation.

For Further Contact

Mr. Naga Venkata Rama Krishna

  • IEEE Student Branch Counselor
  • Office Phone No: (+968) 26871 493  
  • E-Mail: TAET@utas.edu.om