Organizational Structure:

  • College Council is the elected group from the College who jointly oversees the activities of EIU and establishes policies and guidelines and monitors progress report.
  • The Head of Unit Supervises both sections and Support Team. The assistant head supports the head in his duties.
  • The EIU team constitutes three sections:
  • Academic Team: provides one to one guidance sessions or workshops on technical and consultancy support for students.
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation supports Forums: Provide Technical Support about

the applicability of the project in the local Omani Market.

  • Private sector: collaborates with students in identifying successful business ideas through research.
  • The unit compromises of three sections; innovative section, entrepreneurship section and industrial partnership.

Innovation section: spark the drive of developing new products and services or ways to do business. It pushes creativity, development, and thinking outside the box.

Entrepreneurship section: is responsible to assist students in applying the innovative business ideas in real business environment.

Industrial Partnership: encourages establishment of network for those interested partnership and share technical and official.


Terms of Reference:

  1. College Council
    • College Council oversees the activities of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Unit and establishes its policies and monitors its progress.


  1. Entrepreneurship and Innovation Unit
    • Maintain cooperative relationship with entrepreneurs regarding technical and logistical support.
    • Maintain confidentiality in information and data exchange.
    • Organize external entrepreneurial training to attain recent market trends.
    • Increase Students’ awareness on entrepreneurship.
    • Organize one to one technical coaching sessions by academic committee.


  1. Industrial partnership
    • Share entrepreneurship experience in real market with students.
    • Attend as guest lecturers for the college’s workshops and presentations.
    • Coordinate with EIU for other services to be provided.
    • Attend student’s business plan presentation for financial approval.
    • Provide practical technical knowledge about the local Omani market.


  1. Students
    • Prepare their business plans using the available resources in the College or EIU.
    • Apply business concepts relevant to real business environment
    • Establish network required for technical and financial support
    • Research consumers’ demands to identify the current trends.
    • Strengthen relationship through meetings and entrepreneurship and innovation forum
    • Showcase their business in college campus.