The Human Resource Management Department is known to be the heart of an organization. The HR manager plays a key role in any well-established organization. This profession, like other professions, needs to be managed by professionals who play a crucial role in the growth of the organization and individuals. In the days of financial crisis and tight job market, HR profession is considered an important field. It takes responsibility to provide the human resources and becomes the strategic business partner in accomplishing the corporate goals. In the era of information technology, public sector and private sector companies have been focusing on this discipline and paying more to meet the challenges of an open market.

At the strategic level, the main function of HR is to develop the balancing act in the growth of the business of the company and its human capital. The HR function works like a catalyst in the organization. HR professionals act in the organization as a middleware between the management and the employees. The objective of HR professionals is to develop a positive and healthy working environment to increase the productivity and job satisfaction among the employees.